The first episode of Blood Lad established that Staz is a powerful vampire who enjoys Japanese anime, manga and games quite a bit. While he’s the boss of his territory in the Demon World, he finds that being a vampire is a pain in the neck.

A human girl named Fuyumi managed to wander into Staz’s territory through a mysterious black curtain that can only be cast by someone who is a top-level spatial magic user. Unfortunately, Fuyumi died while in the Demon World. Because she died there, her bare soul was left behind. Staz promises to help Fuyumi return to life. By the end of the first episode, they found the black curtain. They passed through it right at the end of the first episode, but we didn’t see where they ended up.

The second episode backtracks slightly to when Staz and Fuyumi are about to enter the curtain to go to the Human World. When they go through, they find they are in Fuyumi’s bedroom. There’s some humor when they encounter Fuyumi’s dad. As he’s lecturing Fuyumi about being gone from school the previous day, Staz sprays a mixture and her dad’s demeanor changes because his memory’s been tampered with.

The funniest part of this episode is when Staz and Fuyumi head to her school. Staz is so excited about seeing things in the Human World, he starts taking pictures like crazy as if he’s a tourist. The most amusing moment is when Staz stops in the middle of the crosswalk to take pictures of the cars going by.

Staz changes the memories of Fuyumi’s classmates, and at first, it makes her angry. However, after Staz explains his reasoning, it calms her down. This shows that Staz has more of a heart to him than he truly realizes. Unfortunately, Fuyumi also learns that if she stays in the Human World for too long, she will disappear. The only way to prevent that is for her to drink some blood.

When they return to Fuyumi’s room, they find a girl jumping up and down on the bed. Her name is Hydra-Bella, and she’s the person we saw in the first episode looking at the curtain. While the curtain is hers and she’s a top-level spatial magic user, she’s not the one who cast that curtain. She claims the curtain was stolen and cast by someone else.

By the end of the episode, Bella-Hydra becomes friends with Fuyumi but gets on Staz’s bad side. Right at the end, Bella-Hydra reveals that she saw a book called The Book of Human Resurrection, but that she sold it off to someone in the Demon World. It turns out the book was purchased by Staz’s rival, so it looks like a return to the Demon World is in order for Staz to try to get the book back.

Overall, I didn’t think this episode was quite as funny as the first episode of Blood Lad, but it still had its amusing moments. I think this was due in large part to the fact that time had to be spent establishing the rules for Fuyumi in the Human World now that she’s a demon, and this required to have more in the way of serious scenes than the first episode did.

It also looks like the addition of Hydra-Bella to the cast could have some interesting things to add to the story, so hopefully future episodes of the series will prove me right.

Even though this episode may not have been as funny as the first episode, I think the serious side that was a little more prevalent in this episode shows that the series could have an interesting dynamic as it continues. Now that the story is beginning to progress, I can still see the potential that exists for Blood Lad.

I will definitely want to watch the third episode to see what happens next. But it may be a couple of weeks before I can watch the third episode, because I’m not going to have access to streaming anime when the next episode becomes available at VIZ Media’s website. However, I will try to catch up as quickly as I can.

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