Shinobu Omiya is the main character of the series. When she was in middle school, she went to England and stayed at the home of friends of her family. The English family has a daughter named Alice Cartalet. Roughly the first half of the first episode focuses on Shinobu’s stay in England in middle school, and the audience gets to see how the two girls become friends during that time.

Something that’s very notable in this section is just how much English dialogue appears. For these sections, there are Japanese subtitles used. Admittedly, the English can sound a little robotic at times, but for a Japanese series utilizing that much English in an episode, it actually sounds decent.

The story then moves ahead in time to when Shinobu is in her first year of high school. A letter arrives from Alice, but it’s written in English so Shinobu is unable to read it because she doesn’t know much English. That day at school, Shinobu gets a surprise when Alice enters the classroom and it’s announced that she’s a transfer student from England and will be a student in the class. It turns out Shinobu’s mother knew about Alice coming, but had kept it secret from Shinobu in order to surprise her.

Shinobu is also surprised when Alice is able to speak Japanese perfectly, because Alice knew next to none when Shinobu had stayed with her family. It turns out Alice has been studying Japanese during the intervening years and is doing a decent job at it.

When I watched the first episode of KINMOZA!, I thought that it was cute without coming across as “cutesy” and that it was also rather sweet. The story is also told in such a way that the viewer is interested in what’s going on. I wasn’t bored at all as I watched the first episode of this series. It’s a “feel good” show that can almost make you feel like you have warm fuzzies inside.

I’ll definitely watch the next episode of KINMOZA! in order to find out what happens. But it may be a couple of weeks before I can watch the second episode, because I’m not going to have access to streaming anime when the next episode becomes available at Crunchyroll. However, I will try to catch up as quickly as I can.

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