This series is set in a Japanese high school, and focuses on a club known as the Going Home Club. Their only goal is to find out how much fun they can have after school.

Rather quickly during the first episode, it becomes readily apparent that this series is another entry into the “cute girls in a club doing cute things” category, and that the series is going to have a “moe appeal.”

Several of the moe stereotypes are present in the characters that make up Chronicles of the Going Home Club. The main character, Natsuki Ando, is the excitable protagonist. She also has a piece of hair that sticks up in the air that almost looks like an antenna. And this piece of hair that sticks out is really tall. As I watched the episode, I kept having this urge of wanting to get a pair of scissors and cut it off!

Karin Tono is the shy girl, Sakura Domyoji is the blond-haired leader of the club, Claire Kokonoe is the rich girl, and Botan Ohagi is the dark haired girl that’s usually cool and composed. The one quality that makes Botan stand out is the fact that she has skills in martial arts.

There’s also what seems to be a small white seal that appears with the club members. However, no explanation is given for the seal, and it just feels like it was thrown in there and doesn’t truly add much of anything to the series.

The episodes seem to be done in such a way that there’s four separate vignettes, rather than one overarching story.

Chronicles of the Going Home Club is supposed to be light-hearted and comedic, but I didn’t find much in this first episode to be truly funny. A couple of times during the first episode, the ending credits try to start early, and Natsuki pushes them off the screen, yelling that it’s too early for it. The first time this happened, it was mildly amusing. However, the second instance felt more annoying than amusing.

I have to say that, after seeing the first episode, there’s really nothing here that makes Chronicles of the Going Home Club stand out to me in comparison to other similar series (Lucky Star, Yuyushiki, K-ON!, etc.) I know that there’s an audience for these types of shows, and I believe that viewers who enjoy these kind of series will probably like Chronicles of the Going Home Club.

I’ll watch the second episode of this series to see whether or not it continues in the same vein as the first episode. However, I should mention that it may take me a couple of weeks to get to the next episode, because next Thursday, I’m not going to have access to streaming anime.

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