Anime DVD Review: Case Closed Season Five Box Set

The Case Closed Season Five DVD box set is a four-disc set that contains Episodes 106 through 130 of the Case Closed anime series. Even though there are many more episodes than this in Japan, this is the final box set that FUNimation Entertainment released for Case Closed. This decision was made due to sales of the series not meeting the company’s expectations.

The first three discs in the set have six episodes, while the fourth disc has seven episodes and the bonus features. On the discs, you have the option of watching the series with the English dub or with the original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Case Closed Season Five Box Set
English Publisher: FUNimation Entertainment
Format: DVD
Release Date: March 23, 2010

The main character of Case Closed is Jimmy/Shinichi Kudo, a high school detective who has gained a reputation for cracking the cases that the police have a hard time solving. One day, Jimmy/Shinichi was caught by members of a crime organization and made to take an experimental poison that was supposed to kill him. Instead, the poison shrunk Jimmy/Shinichi down to his first grade self.

To hide the fact that he survived, Jimmy/Shinichi has taken on the identity of Conan Edogawa and claims that he’s a relative of family friend Dr. Agasa. As Conan, Jimmy/Shinichi lives with his friend Rachel/Ran and her bumbling private investigator father, Richard/Kogoro. However, Rachel/Ran is unaware that Jimmy/Shinichi and Conan are one and the same. Conan is able to covertly help Richard/Kogoro solve the cases that come his way. By being around Richard/Kogoro, Conan hopes to come across information concerning the criminal organization that gave him the poison and find a way to reverse its effects.

The mysteries that appear in the episodes in this box set include two attempted murders, 10 murder mysteries, mysterious happenings at a manor, mysterious happenings at the Junior Detective League’s school, a missing persons case, and a kidnapping.

There are nine sets of multiple part episodes included in this set as well. Of these multiple part episodes, only one of them was originally aired as a one hour special in Japan. However, FUNimation decided to split this special into two episodes for this DVD release. Fortunately, the editing that was done to this special was nowhere near as horrific as the edits made to the two hour special that appeared on the Case Closed Season Four DVD box set.

There are only three bonus features included in this set. This isn’t terribly surprising, since this is the same number of bonus features included in the previous DVD box sets of Case Closed. The first is a “Character Spotlight” for the Junior Detective League. This is one page of text with a picture that accompanies the text. The second feature is “Conan’s Gadgets,” and there are two items featured: the Junior Detective League Communicator and the Stretching Suspenders. For both items, there is text describing each item, as well as a picture of the gadget. The final extra is trailers for other properties that FUNimation was promoting at the time this DVD box set was released.

While I’m glad to have finally seen all of the Case Closed episodes that were released in the United States, I’m also a little disappointed that there are no more stories from the series to anticipate seeing. I’ll have to spend time reading the volumes of the Case Closed manga series in order to see Conan solve more mysteries.

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