Keiichi Morisato, a first year student at the Nekomi Institute of Technology, is the main character of Oh My Goddess! One day, he manages to accidentally dial the number for the Goddess Relief Office, and a goddess named Belldandy appears before him. Belldandy is able to grant one wish to Keiichi, and he wishes for Belldandy to stay with him forever.

Belldandy’s sisters Urd and Skuld come to live with Belldandy and Keiichi. With those two around, there’s never a dull moment! Over the course of the series, other characters are introduced who try to break up Keiichi and Belldandy.

Oh My Goddess! Volume 10
Written by: Kosuke Fujishima
Publisher: Kodansha
English Publisher: Dark Horse Manga
Release Date: November 25, 2008

The first story arc in Volume 10 sees Keiichi’s younger sister, Megumi, coming to him for help. The baseball club is trying to take over the practice field from the softball club. The captain of the baseball club challenges the softball club to a game. Urd ups the stakes to say that the winner of game takes over the losing team. Since the softball club only has four members, Megumi recruits Keiichi, the goddesses, and some other friends to fill out the team. This one chapter story was an amusing read, and I think the one chapter was fine for the story that was being told. If Fujishima had tried to extend this out beyond one chapter, then the elements that make it an amusing read could have worn thin rather quickly.

The next story, which also lasts for one chapter, sees Megumi bringing a puppy to Keiichi and the goddesses. The puppy followed her home, but Megumi lives in an apartment complex that doesn’t allow pets. At first, Keiichi is against taking in the puppy at all. However, he relents to letting the puppy stay until a new home can be found for it. I thought this turned out to be a really sweet story. Not only does the reader learn why Keiichi is against having the puppy, but the reader gets to see a small glimpse of Keiichi’s childhood.

The remainder of this volume focuses on the demon Mara and her latest scheme to try to destroy the goddesses. She tricks Keiichi and the goddesses into going to a hot springs, in order to get something from Urd that Mara needs to launch her actual plan. Mara succeeds in starting her plan. However, the goddesses don’t figure out what’s going on until right near the end of the volume, so this storyline isn’t resolved. If you want to find out how this plot progresses, you have to read Volume 11.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Volume 10. It has the right mix of humor, drama, and schemes to keep the reader interested in what’s going on. It’s nice to see at this point in the story that nothing feels rehashed yet, and the stories are interesting enough to keep the reader wanting to come back and read more.

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