Sentai Filmworks’ Announcements at Anime Expo 2013

Sentai Filmworks announced during the company’s Anime Expo 2013 panel that it has acquired the license for the Yumeria and Divergence Eve anime series. The company said it would ship both series in November 2013. However, the company did not specify if it would ship the series on DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or both.

Sentai also announced the other titles that are on the company’s release slate for November 2013: Hiiro no Kakera – The Tamayori Princess Saga Season Two, NAKAIMO – My Little Sister Is Among Them! Complete Series, Little Busters! Season One, Highschool of the Dead – Drifters of the Dead OVA, and La storia della Arcana Famiglia Complete Series. All of these releases will be bilingual, and all but Little Busters! will be available on Blu-ray Disc and DVD. Little Busters! will only be available on DVD.

Sentai has also announced that the company has signed a licensing deal with Tatsunoko Productions to release some of the company’s anime series, which includes the previously announced Gatchaman. The company confirmed that the license includes Casshan, but that it will be announcing other titles, release dates, formats, and digital outlets over the next year.

It was later announced through a press release that Sentai’s deal with Tatsunoko Productions includes 11 titles.

Source: ANN

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