SimulTV Starts Social Anime Streaming Service

SimulTV has announced that the company has started a new social anime video-on-demand streaming service. The service allows viewers to stream anime on “any web-enabled device,” and it features a built-in voice, video, and text chat function. It also has an online search bar embedded on the viewing screen, and users can also use Twitter and Facebook on the same screen while watching the shows. In addition, users can also add other apps and plug-ins, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or LinkedIn.

At launch, the service will stream the Happening Star anime film, Blue Exorcist, Durarara!!, and Fate/Zero. The company is hoping to expand its library to include more than 500 episodes of 40 anime titles.

Episodes are available for US$0.99-US$2.99 each. SimulTV also has subscription packages that range from US$5 to US$20 per month; the subscription package allows users to watch 37 cable TV channels as well as other non-anime video-on-demand titles. The service also allows users to buy DVDs of select anime series directly from their viewing screen.

In addition, SimulTV will be livestreaming events from this year’s Anime Expo, and the livestreams include industry panels, music performances, the opening and closing ceremonies, and fashion shows. Those who purchase a subscription during Anime Expo will receive a free 14-day subscription.

Source: ANN

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