E’s Otherwise Complete Collection is a five-disc box set that includes all 26 episodes of the series. The first four discs have five episodes each, while the last disc has six episodes. For language options, you can choose to either watch the English dub or the original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

E’s Otherwise Complete Collection
English Publisher: Section23
Format: DVD
Release Date: February 24, 2009

E’s Otherwise follows the character of Kai Kudou, a young man who is an esper. He and his sickly little sister, Hikaru, have been taken in by Eiji, the head of the ASHURUM Corporation. ASHURUM is a corporation that protects espers. At the beginning of the series, Kai is put into AESES, a special force put together by ASHURUM. He undergoes intensive training in combat, hacking, and psychic training.

One day, Kai is sent on a mission to the city of Gald in order to infiltrate a guerilla hideout. According to ASHURUM, these guerillas are using espers against their will. Kai’s partner is killed during the mission, and a major explosion rocks the city.

Kai later washes ashore near Gald, and is found by a girl named Asuka. Asuka takes Kai to where she and her adopted brother, Yuuki live in order to nurse him back to health. After spending time with Asuka and Yuuki, Kai decides to stay with them instead of returning to ASHURUM. As the series progresses, Kai discovers the truth about ASHURUM, and how things aren’t what they seem.

Unfortunately, I thought that E’s Otherwise wasn’t a well-written series. The story was rather predictable very early on, it relied too heavily on stereotypical character types, and the writing completely falls apart at the end of the series. While the premise for E’s Otherwise is a promising one, the actual execution of the premise in the series doesn’t work.

However, there are two bright spots for the series: the character designs and the music. It’s obvious that some real effort was put into designing the look of the characters and what they wore. The music used for the series was rather interesting. At times, I thought the music was more interesting than the story that went along with it.

When it comes to the actual DVD box set, it’s a rather “bare bones” release. The only extras that appear on Disc One. Those extras are six trailers for properties that ADV Films was promoting at the time this set was released and the DVD trailers. Considering the overall quality of the series, I don’t think additional bonus features would have made much of a difference on this release. Fortunately, I bought the DVD box set at a used store for $16. If I had paid much more for the set, I would have been rather ticked off.

If you absolutely must own E’s Otherwise on DVD, I would recommend trying to track down a copy of this DVD box set for a decent price. However, if you’ve never seen this series before, you’re probably better off not seeing it all, or finding an inexpensive legal way to watch the series before spending any money on it.

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