English Dub Cast for Guilty Crown

FUNimation has announced the English dub cast for the Guilty Crown television anime series:

  • Austin Tindle is Shu Ouma
  • Micah Solusod is Gai Tsutsugami
  • John Swasey is Makoto Waltz Segai
  • Alexis Tipton is Inori Yuzuriha
  • Emily Neves is Ayase Shinomiya
  • Monica Rial is Tsugumi
  • David Trosko is Yahiro Samukawa
  • Corey Cleary-Stoner is Souta Tamadate
  • Charlie Campbell is Shuichiro Keido
  • Martha Harms is Haruka Ouma
  • Tia Ballard is Hare Menjou
  • Jarrod Greene is Argo Tsukishima
  • Joel McDonald is Daryl Yan
  • Caitlin Glass is Arisa Kuhouin
  • Leah Clark is Yu
  • J. Michael Tatum is Shibungi
  • Alexis Tipton is Mana Ouma
  • Apphia Yu is Kanon Kusama

Source: ANN

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