Manga Review: Skip Beat! Volume Two

A teenage girl named Kyoko Mogami is the main character of Skip Beat! At the beginning of the series, she was living in an expensive apartment in Tokyo with her childhood friend, Sho Fuwa, in order to support him as he becomes an idol. She agrees to do this because she is in love with him. Kyoko isn’t going to school, and is working two jobs to make ends meet. In Volume One, Kyoko learns that Sho doesn’t have romantic feelings for her, and that he only brought her along to Tokyo so she could take care of him. Kyoko vows to get her revenge by becoming an idol herself.

She moves out of the apartment and moves in with a couple who are the bosses at one of her jobs. Kyoko also changes her look, and she goes on a quest to try to get her break at a talent agency. She also has run-ins with Ren Tsuruga, Sho’s rival in the idol business.

Skip Beat! Volume Two
Written by: Yoshiki Nakamura
Publisher: Hakusensha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: September 5, 2006

At the beginning of Volume Two, Kyoko is dealing with the fact that she didn’t make the initial cut at the talent agency. However, her disappointment is short-lived when she decides to go back to the talent agency to try and find another way to get a break. The president of the talent agency believes in her, but think she’s missing something. However, he launches a new program for potential talent called the “Love Me Section.” Kyoko is the first person for the program, and she is expected to do work requested of her at the agency, and she is rated by each person she does work for.

After I read the first volume of Skip Beat!, I really wasn’t in any rush to read future volumes of the series. However, since my 15-year-old daughter checked this out from the library and it was around the house, I decided to read this volume to see if perhaps there was any improvement between the two volumes of the series.

Unfortunately, I still have to use some “willing suspension of disbelief” for this story. While the idea of the “Love Me Section” is a little far-fetched, I think that Nakamura’s execution of the concept is somewhat believable. Kyoko’s definitely not having an easy time of it, and there are those she does work for who want her to fail and give her a hard time in the hopes that she’ll give up and quit.

While I’m not much of a fan of Skip Beat!, I think that the teenage girls that this series is aimed at will probably get some enjoyment out of reading this manga. If you’ve read Volume One and enjoyed it, I think you’ll also enjoy reading Volume Two.

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