Manga Review: Case Closed Volume 10

High school student Jimmy Kudo is a teen detective who was shrunk down to his first grade self after being caught by a crime organization and forced to take an experimental poison. Unknown to the criminals, Jimmy survived. In order to hide this fact, Jimmy takes on the identity of Conan Edogawa, and claims to be the relative of family friend Dr. Agasa. As Conan, Jimmy lives with his friend Rachel Moore and her bumbling private investigator father, Richard. However, Rachel doesn’t know Conan’s true identity. As Conan, Jimmy has been able to covertly help Richard solve the cases that come his way.

Case Closed Volume 10
Written by: Gosho Aoyama
Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: March 21, 2006

The first mystery to appear in this the volume concludes the final mystery in Volume Nine, which was the murder mystery that involved a debutante named Reika. I had already seen the anime adaptation of this story, so I already knew what the answer was and what to expect. Even though I already knew the outcome, I was still impressed by the execution of the mystery.

The second story introduces Harley Hartwell, a teen detective who is the son of the chief of the Osaka Police Department. He comes to the Moore Detective Agency to look for Jimmy Kudo. At the same time, the wife of a diplomat comes to the agency to ask Richard to investigate her son’s girlfriend. Richard takes the case, and Conan, Rachel, and Harley tag along. When they arrive at the diplomat’s home, they discover that the diplomat is dead and murder is quickly suspected.

This is another story that I had already seen in the anime, but this is a story I was glad to be able to read in its original manga presentation. There’s something very important and interesting that happens with Conan, and I also like the addition of Harley to the cast. Since I’ve seen all five seasons of Case Closed that were released in North America, I know that Harley will make more appearances and become an important part of the series. I also know that he will be adding some extra and interesting layers to the overall series.

The final mystery involves Conan and the three members of the Junior Detective League. While they’re at the library, Detective Megure appears to question the head librarian about the mysterious disappearance of one of his employees. Conan and the Junior Detective League suspect foul play, so they sneak into the library that night to try to figure out what happened. They end up finding more than they expected. Unfortunately, this storyline doesn’t end in this volume, and it continues into Volume 11.

This was another story that I was already familiar with from watching the anime series. The thing I liked about this particular mystery is the fact that there’s a lot more to this story than just a simple missing person case.

Even though I was already familiar with all three of these mysteries from the Case Closed anime series, I liked being able to see how they were presented in the original manga source material. Aoyama continues to provide mysteries that readers want to try to solve before getting to the answer in the manga.

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