Maria Kawaii, a new transfer student at Totsuka High School, has a tendency to be blunt. After she admitted to being expelled from St. Katria for beating up a teacher, some of the girls in her new class begin to bully and humiliate her. If they’re not doing that, then they’re encouraging other class members to not acknowledge Maria’s presence. However, Maria has managed to make three friends in the class: Yusuke Kanda, Shin Meguro, and Tomoyo Kousaka.

A Devil and Her Love Song Volume Four
Written by: Miyoshi Tomori
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: August 7, 2012

The focus of Volume Four is on the choral competition. The story in this volume is even more intense than it had been in the previous three volumes. This is really saying something, because I thought the story leading up to Volume Four had been rather intense. Over the course of this volume, several truths are revealed, and some of these truths create awkward situations for Maria.

The bullying storyline that had made up quite a bit of the story in the first four volumes of this series is resolved at the end of this volume. While it’s not necessarily a perfect ending to Maria’s bullying, she sees it as a start. As a reader, I’m really wondering where the story will go from here since the bullying storyline seems to have come to an end. I can only guess that Tomori will be shifting the focus of the story from the bullying to a blossoming relationship between Maria and one of the male characters, and how this development could potentially affect their friendship.

When it comes to the art, I noticed that Tomori relied very heavily on character close-ups in the panels. Perhaps these close-ups, in addition to the story that was told in this volume, contributed to the really intense feel I was sensing as I read Volume Four. Tomori’s art style really complements the story she’s telling, and I believe it’s one of the defining characteristics of this manga series.

If you’ve read the previous three volumes of A Devil and Her Love Song and enjoyed them, I think you’ll also enjoy Volume Four. I especially think you will appreciate how Volume Four ends.

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