Maria Kawai is a new transfer student at Totsuka High School who has a tendency to be blunt. Unfortunately, after admitting that she was expelled from St. Katria for beating up a teacher, some of the girls in her new class begin to bully and humiliate her. Not only do the girls bully Maria, but the teacher does as well.

Fortunately, Maria has still managed to make three friends, even if their friendship seems a little awkward at times. Yusuke Kanda is overly helpful of others, Shin Meguro is aloof and brooding, and Tomoyo Kousaka is a girl who originally helped the other girls bully Maria at first before the two became friends.

A Devil and Her Love Song Volume Three
Written by: Miyoshi Tomori
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: June 5, 2012

In this volume, a new character is introduced to the series. Her name is Hana Ibuki, and she’s been absent from school due to being in the hospital. At first, it appears that Hana and Maria will actually be friends, even though Hana is friends with the girls who are bullying Maria. Unfortunately, a misunderstanding happens, and the friendship that had started to develop falls apart.

To add to matters, a television show will be coming to Totsuka High School to record the upcoming choral competition at the school. It turns out that one of the school administrators wants to use Maria to make it look like they reformed a student who had been expelled. As a reader, I was a little infuriated to learn that one of the administrators was just as crooked as Maria’s teacher.

Tomori has definitely added new layers to the story, as well as being able to continue with the intense tone that the series has had since the first volume. The introduction of Hana Ibuki helps to progress the story, and I’m looking forward to seeing not only how she will continue to advance the story, but I’m also looking forward to seeing what happens with the television show.

I really am fascinated by the fact that even though the bullies in the series really frustrate me, I’m still captivated enough by the story to continue reading. I think this is a real testament to Tomori’s talent at storytelling.

Some of the art in this volume is also rather riveting, because there are some really nice close-ups. Shin gets several of these close-ups, and Hana gets a couple as well. One thing I noticed in Hana’s close-ups is how Tomori makes Hana’s eyes literally sparkle. I really liked that detail with her eyes, because it adds emphasis to Hana’s character.

A Devil and Her Love Song is a series that’s really worth reading, especially for teenagers. Adults can get enjoyment out of it as well, but I think the topic of the story and the characters will really resonate with middle school and high school students. I honestly believe that this manga series should be read by as many teenagers as possible.

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