Manga Review: Kamisama Kiss Volume Three

After losing her home, high school girl Nanami Momozono has a chance meeting with a man who turns out to be the land god. After bestowing a kiss on her and giving her the power of a kami, Nanami becomes the new god at the land god’s temple. Tomoe, a fox demon, serves as her familiar, and they have a contract that he cannot break.

Kamisama Kiss Volume Three
Written by: Julietta Suzuki
Publisher: Hakusensha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: June 7, 2011

In Volume Three, it appears that Nanami has started to fall in love with Tomoe, but refuses to admit this to herself. This aspect is a major focus of the first story in this volume, when Nanami is invited to a party being hosted by Himeniko, a catfish yokai that Nanami had helped back in Volume One.

This volume sees Tomoe transferring to Nanami’s school and joining Nanami’s class in an attempt to protect her. During this storyline, a new character named Mizuki, a shinshi at another temple who tries to make Nanami his bride, is introduced. Kurama, another potential love interest for Nanami, also makes an appearance in this volume.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Volume Three of Kamisama Kiss. There’s a storyline near the end of the volume where Tomoe disguises himself as Nanami when she’s sick, so she doesn’t appear to be absent from school again. There are hijinks that take place during this part of the story, especially with Kurama, since he thinks it’s actually Nanami. This particular section of Volume Three really made me smile, and I chuckled to myself a couple of times.

It was nice to see Kurama make another appearance, and ultimately prove he’s going to be a long-term character for the series. Right now, I’m curious as to what Suzuki will do in regards to Mizuki. He was a major character in one story arc in this volume, and he also makes an appearance in the story arc where Tomoe is posing as Nanami while she’s sick. I’m just hoping that Suzuki doesn’t end up going overboard in regards to potential love interests for Nanami, especially since we now seem to be up to three by the end of Volume Three.

Even with that said, though, I’m still seeing that Kamisama Kiss has the potential to continue to be an interesting manga series. I hope that reading future volumes will prove to me that I’m right. I’m definitely looking forward to having the chance to read Volume Four in order to find out where the story will go next.

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