The Chobits Collection box set includes seven DVDs and a music CD. The first six DVDs in the set include the main episodes of the series, while the seventh DVD has three “clip shows.” The first six discs each contain four episodes and bonus features, while the seventh disc has the three “clip shows” and bonus features. For language and subtitle options, the discs have English with subtitles, English without subtitles, and Japanese with subtitles.

Chobits Collection
English Publisher: Geneon Entertainment
Format: DVD
Release Date: November 8, 2005

Chobits is set an alternate present day, where a popular item for people to own is a Persocom. A Persocom is an android that looks like a realistic human and can be used as a personal computer. The protagonist of the series is Hideki Motosuwa, a student attending the Seki prep school in Tokyo because he’s had a hard time passing the test that’s required in order to qualify for university. He dreams of owning a Persocom, but he’s a poor student and can’t afford one.

One evening, Hideki comes across a female Persocom that’s been abandoned amongst a pile of garbage. Since the Persocom seems to be abandoned, Hideki struggles to carry the heavy android back to his apartment. When he gets home, Hideki realizes he doesn’t know how to use a Persocom. After some experimentation, he finally figures out how to turn the Persocom on. After she’s activated, all she can say is “Chi.”

Hideki decides to name the Persocom Chi, and through a couple of acquaintances, Hideki discovers that Chi is a custom-made model and could even potentially be one of the legendary “Chobits” series. During the series, Hideki has to teach Chi about the world, while at the same time, Hideki has to try to focus on his own studies and work. The series follows what happens to Hideki and Chi.

When it comes to the DVD set, I have to complain about the extras menu on the first two discs in the set. In order to make your selection on these menus, you have to highlight green text with green. When a selection is highlighted, it is very hard to read what it says. Fortunately, the extras menu on the remaining DVDs highlighted yellow text with green, which made reading these menus a lot easier.

On the first six DVDs, the bonus features include either a textless opening or closing, an art gallery, trailers, and DVD credits. The art galleries generally include five to seven pictures from Chobits, whether they’re stills from the series or promotional art. Unfortunately on the later discs in the set, some of the pictures in the art gallery are repeats from previous discs in the set.

Disc seven has the bulk of the set’s bonus features. This disc includes an art gallery, production art, previews for two of the “clip shows,” a Chibits special, trailers, and DVD credits.

The Chibits special features the characters of Sumomo and Kotoko, who are small and portable Persocoms. At the beginning of the special, Hideki leaves the apartment and accidentally leaves his wallet behind. Chi discovers the wallet and tries to catch up with Hideki. Meanwhile, Sumomo and Kotoko believe that Chi never put her panties on, so the two little Persocoms have a humorous adventure trying to find Chi and deliver her panties to her. Personally, I thought that some of the things that Sumomo and Kotoko had to go through were funny, but making the panties be a catalyst for the adventures just came across as a little strange and kind of forced.

The production art on the seventh disc included 53 pictures. Unfortunately, the pictures didn’t seem to be arranged in any kind of logical order. As I went through the production art, I felt like I was jumping all over the place.

The audio CD included in the set is called Chobits: Character Song Collection. The characters with songs on this disc are Chi, Hideki, Minoru, Yuzuki, Ms. Hibiya, Shinbo, Sumomo, and Yumi. On this disc, I recognized most of the songs from the show, except for three of the vocal songs and one of the instrumentals. Unfortunately, the theme song from the opening credits isn’t included on this disc. However, this can be found on one of the Chobits soundtrack CDs that was released by Geneon.

Unfortunately, since Geneon has gone out of business, this particular DVD pressing for Chobits is now out of date. However, there may occasionally be used copies of the set for sale on sites like Amazon. FUNimation Entertainment has acquired the North American license for Chobits, and released the series on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in 2011. However, I have not seen the FUNimation release of Chobits, so I can’t comment on how the FUNimation sets compare with this DVD set.

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