Manga Review: Case Closed Volume Eight

Article first published as Manga Review: Case Closed Volume Eight by Gosho Aoyama on Blogcritics.

Case Closed Volume Eight is a manga by Gosho Aoyama, and it was published in North America by Viz Media in 2005. The series is rated “T+” for older teens; personally, I would agree with this rating.

Case Closed Volume 8
Written by: Gosho Aoyama
Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: November 8, 2005

High school detective Jimmy Kudo was shrunk down to his first grade self after being caught by a crime organization and forced to take an experimental poison. The criminals thought that Jimmy was dead, but it turned out he was actually alive. To hide the fact that he survived, Jimmy has taken on the identity of Conan Edogawa, and that he’s a relative of family friend Dr. Agasa. As Conan, Jimmy lives with his friend, Rachel, and her father. Rachel’s father is a bumbling private investigator, and Conan is able to covertly help Richard solve the cases that come his way during the series.

There are three mysteries in this volume of Case Closed. The first mystery is the resolution to the kidnapping mystery that was introduced at the end of Volume Seven. There was really no difference between what I read in the manga and how the story was executed when it was adapted for the anime series. I really liked how this mystery was written, and it was nice for the answer to not be too terribly obvious right at first.

The second mystery makes up the bulk of this volume. In this story, Conan, Rachel, and Richard go on a trip in place of Dr. Agasa, who had to not go at the last minute because his traveling companions were unable to go. It turns out to be a mystery trip, with the winner getting the trip for free, as well as a disk with a program on it. There are also seven other participants in the trip. The Night Baron, a character in one of Jimmy’s dad’s mystery novels, will cause trouble at the hotel, and whoever can deduce the identity of the Night Baron wins the prize.

The Night Baron makes his appearance, but what he does is more than simple problems. He pushes Conan over a balcony, and then some of the other participants are murdered. Conan must figure out what’s truly going on, as well as the motivation for the murders.

When this storyline was adapted for the anime series, it actually appeared later than it does in the manga, so I was surprised to see it when I read this volume. This is another story that was adapted rather faithfully when it was included in the anime. This was another well-written mystery, and as a reader, you keep thinking you know what the answer is, but then information is revealed that contradicts what you thought the answer was.

The final mystery sees Rachel and Serena bringing Conan with them to the wedding of their former junior high teacher, Miss Matsumoto. They meet with her in the bride’s room, and talk with her as she’s drinking a can of lemon tea. After leaving the room, they hear a noise. When they rush inside, they see the bride passed out with blood coming out of her mouth. It’s determined that she was poisoned, and the mystery revolves finding out who poisoned her and why.

This is another story that was adapted faithfully from its manga source for the anime series, and it’s another mystery in the series that I personally enjoy. The story keeps you guessing as to who the guilty party is, and the actual answer is a little sad.

Even though I already knew all three of these mysteries from the Case Closed anime series, I really liked seeing how they were originally presented in the manga. Aoyama has continued to tell not only good mysteries, but good stories as well. I still believe that the Case Closed manga series has appeal for both manga readers and to fans of mystery stories who may not already be manga readers.

I wrote this review after checking out a copy of Case Closed Volume Eight through the King County Library System.

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