The Comics Reporter is reporting that PictureBox has added Osamu Tezuka’s The Mysterious Underground Men manga as the second title for the publisher’s “Ten Cent Manga” line that focuses on “mass-produced genre works in Japanese postwar comics.”

The manga is described as:

Originally published in Osaka in 1948, The Mysterious Underground Men tells the story of Mimio the talking rabbit, as he struggles to prove his humanity while helping his friends save earth from an invasion of angry humanoid ants. Inspired by Bernhard Kellermann’s Der Tunnel (1913) and drawing widely on European and American science fiction, as well as Milt Gross’ own pioneering “graphic novel,” He Done Her Wrong (1930), this full-color edition of The Mysterious Underground Men will not only introduce to English-language readers a founding monument in modern Japanese comics. It will also offer a rare glimpse at the wide-ranging Western cultural sources that made up young Tezuka’s world.

According to the report, The Mysterious Underground Men will be released as a 160-page hardcover book in October 2013.

Source: ANN