Anime In Memoriam: 2012

Taking a final look back at the members of the anime industry who passed away during 2012:

  • Hisao Maki, co-creator of the Tomorrow’s Joe video anime series Joe vs. Joe, passed away on January 2 at the age of 71.
  • Akira Adachi, anime scriptwriter, passed away from pneumonia on January 6 at the age of 75.
  • Sayuri, voice actress, passed away from cancer on March 6 at the age of 55.
  • Noboru Ishiguro, anime director, passed away on March 20 at the age of 73.
  • Takeshi Aono, voice actor, passed away from a multiple cerebral infarction after an aortic aneurysm on April 9 at the age of 76.
  • Akira Daikubara, animator, passed away from pneumonia and old age on June 17 at the age of 94.
  • Susumu Ishikawa, voice actor and singer, passed away from stomach cancer and emphysema on October 30 at the age of 79.
  • Taro Arakawa, voice actor, passed away from multiple organ failure on November 15 at the age of 56.
  • Takashi Taniguchi, voice actor, passed away on December 28 at the age of 65.

Additional In Memoriam post:

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