The FUNimation Channel On Demand service has been added to Cablevision’s Optimum TV cable service. The service costs US$6.95 a month, which gives viewers access to over 50 hours a month of anime content.

Cablevision Systems Corporation is the United States’ 5th largest cable operator. The company provides service in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah.

FUNimation Channel On Demand differs from the FUNimation Channel HD service currently available on Olympusat, Inc’s Verizon FiOS On Demand service. The FUNimation Channel HD airs anime 24/7, not just in an on demand format. One or the other is also available through Xfinity, AT&T Uverse, Charter, and 11 other television and cable providers.

Source: ANN