Trigun Maximum Omnibus Volume One collects the first three volumes of the Trigun Maximum manga series.

Trigun Maximum Omnibus Volume One
Written by: Yasuhiro Nightow
Publisher: Shōnen Gahōsha
English Publisher: Dark Horse Manga
Release Date: December 4, 2012

Trigun Maximum is set two years after Trigun. During those two years, Vash the Stampede has been living in hiding in a small town under a new name. At the beginning of the omnibus, his former traveling partner Nicholas D. Wolfwood arrives in the town in his search for Vash. After the two reunite and begin traveling together again, they also encounter Meryl and Milly, two employees of the Bernardelli Insurance Company who followed Vash around in the original Trigun series.

Before reading this omnibus, my only exposure to Trigun had been through watching the first episode of the anime series. Seeing this anime episode gave me some background for the series, so I wasn’t as lost and confused jumping into this second manga series as I could have been. As I read this omnibus, I thought that Nightow did a good job of providing information from the first series to help the reader remember or understand what’s going on, and did it in such a way that it didn’t feel like an “info dump.”

When it comes to the art, one of the things that really stood out to me was the panels that featured some heavy action sequences. Unfortunately, they didn’t stand out to me in a good way. In the panels that feature the heavy action, Nightow relied very heavily on action lines and large sound effect characters. Some of the pages in this omnibus had several panels that looked like this, and it made those pages feel crowded. It also didn’t help that the emphasis on the action lines and the large sound effect characters on these pages made it hard for me as a reader to truly follow and understand what exactly was going on in those sections of the story.

Overall, Trigun Maximum wasn’t a bad read, and the story was kind of interesting. However, it would probably be better for a reader to read the volumes of the original Trigun manga series before jumping into Trigun Maximum in order to better appreciate the characters and the stories in this followup series.

The reviewer was provided a review copy through the website