Nelvana has announced that it has licensed Paboo & Mojies, a preschool anime series.

The series is described as:

Direct from Japan, Nelvana welcomes you to Mojies Town – a magical land filled with Mojies – where letters and learning combine to create laughter for all. Paboo is a fun loving and curious boy panda, and he and his group of larger-than-life friends explore and problem-solve in their quirky, imaginative and sometimes zany world. Each episode sees the Mojies (Japanese for letters of the alphabet) and Maki (the Mojies book fairy of course) help Paboo to discover the Magic Word and solve the problem of the day. Paboo & Mojies is a top-rated show in Japan (BS Fuji TV) and will treat an international audience to real Japanese characters, animation and storytelling that could only come from Japan. For preschoolers.

The company will be showcasing Paboo & Mojies to potential broadcasters and distributors at the MIPCOM convention that’s taking place October 8-11, 2012 in Cannes, France.

Source: ANN