Digital Manga has announced that it will be releasing Junko’s boys’ love Konbini-Kun manga. However, the company will be releasing the manga under the title, Mr. Mini Mart.

The manga is described as:

Shy Nakaba has been a shut-in ever since gossip at school destroyed his reputation. But when his mom snags him a job to help him break out of his shell, he’s forced to face a co-worker who knows a thing or two about courage and commitment. Can Nakaba stand tall and speak up for what he truly wants? Mr. Mini Mart serves up a sweet-and-salty story filled with brave confessions and bold crushes. Will the past catch up to a boy who wants nothing more than to hide away forever? Or will the future finally shine with the promise of brand-new beginnings?

Digital Manga will be giving this title a print release.

Source: ANN