JManga has added the following manga volumes to its website this week:

  • Tsumanuda Volume 1 by Michiro Ueyama
  • Kodoku no Gourmet by Masayuki Qusumi and Jiro Taniguchi
  • The Expectant Princess by Stella Bagwell and Rin Ogata
  • The Blacksheep Prince’s Bride by Martha Shields and Miho Tomoi
  • Code Name: Prince by Valerie Parv and Masami Hoshino

JManga also announced that the following manga were added in the last week:

  • A Wife in Time by Cathie Linz and Nami Ishikawa
  • The Stanbury Crown, Royally Wed IV-An Officer and a Princess by Carla Cassidy and Megumi Toda
  • Princess of Convenience by Marion Lennox and Takako Hashimoto
  • Billionaire Bachelors: Stone by Anne Marie Winston and Esu Chihara
  • Something Old, Something New by Donna Sterling and Junko Okada
  • To Woo a Wife by Carole Mortimer and Yoko Hanabusa
  • Wife by Agreement by Kim Laurence and Jun Makimura

JManga has also announced that it will add the following titles next week:

  • Recorder and Randsell Volume 1 by Meme Higashiya
  • Oshigoto Volume 1 by Kotobuki Shirigari
  • Poor Poor Lips Volume 2 by Hayako Goto
  • Shiawase Restaurant by Yasuhiro Nakanishi
  • Cousin Volume 2 by Ryo Ikuemi
  • Avoiding Mr. Right by Sophie Weston and Keiko Okamoto
  • Heartbreaker by Dianal Palmer and Ruka Kinishima
  • Long-Distance Marriage by Sharon Kendrick and Keiko Kishimoto
  • The Billionaire’s Secret Baby by Carol Devine and Masako Ogimaru
  • The Colour of Desire by Emmy Darcy and Amie Hayasaka

Source: ANN