VIZ Media Launches 15 Additional Titles for the NOOK

VIZ Media has announced that the company has launched 15 additional manga titles for the Barnes & Noble NOOK and NOOK Color. The volumes are presented in their original Japanese right-to-left reading format, and are available for purchase and fast download in the United States and Canada for $4.99-$9.99 (U.S./CAN) each.

The following VIZ Media titles are now available:

  • Bakuman. Volumes 1-8
  • Bleach Volumes 1-37 and 49-50
  • Blue Exorcist Volumes 1-6
  • Claymore Volumes 1-19
  • D.Gray-Man Volumes 1-21
  • Death Note Volumes 1-12
  • Dragon Ball Volumes 1-16
  • Dragon Ball Z Volumes 1-26
  • Naruto Volumes 1-57
  • Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Volumes 1-6
  • One Piece Volumes 1-58
  • Rosario+Vampire Volumes 1-10
  • Rosario+Vampire Season 2 Volumes 1-6
  • Rurouni Kenshin Volumes 1-28
  • Toriko Volumes 1-7

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