Tears of a Lamb Volume Seven is rated “T” for teens, and after reading this series, I agree with that rating.

Tears of a Lamb Volume Seven
Written by: Banri Hidaka
Publisher: Hakusensha
English Publisher: CMX
Release Date: January 19, 2010

Volume Seven is the final volume of the series, and it’s actually a rather quick read. This volume picks up exactly where Volume Six ended. Right at the start of the volume, Kei learns secrets concerning her friend, Kanzaki, and her cousin, Shinogu. These revelations help Kei to finally remember what happened on the day of the accident.

As this volume progresses, all of the layers of the story have finally been pulled back and revealed. While there are some aspects of the story that ended up being predictable, there are still some surprising details that are revealed over the course of this volume. By the end of the volume, Hidaka has basically wrapped up all the loose ends for the major characters. The only real “major” character who is an exception to this would be Shinogu.

I apologize for being rather vague, but providing any details here would only serve as spoilers and take away from the interest and surprise that a reader would have as they read the volume. However, I honestly believe that readers who have followed the story all the way from the beginning will be satisfied with how the series comes to a close.

When it came to the art in this volume, one thing that really stood out to me are the sections when Hidaka decided to have Kei wear her hair in braids. Not only did I think that this looked really good on the character, but Hidaka seemed to put a little more effort into the detail for the drawings when Kei’s hair is in the braids. Another thing that I appreciated seeing was Kanzaki actually looking sad and forlorn. Throughout the series, he either looked frustrated, surprised, or indifferent. So seeing him in this emotional state added a little more to him as a character.

As I read the Tears of a Lamb series, I really enjoyed getting to follow the cast of characters and seeing how they evolved through all seven volumes. I found myself caring about these characters, and I also found myself rooting for Kei and Kanzaki.

Overall, I think that Tears of Lamb is a decent shojo manga series. However, I would have to say that Fruits Basket is just a little bit stronger.

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