Udon Entertainment Is Releasing the Captain Commando Manga in North America

North American retailers Right Stuf and Amazon are listing that Udon Entertainment will be releasing the first volume of the Captain Commando manga by Kotomi Tobashi and Kenkou Tabuchi.

The story is described as:

In the year 2026, Metro City is at the mercy of a vicious gang of super-criminals, lead by the villainous Lord Scumocide. Only one fighting force can prevent total catastrophe by standing up to these mutant maniacs – the Commando Team. GINZU – the Ninja Commando. MACK – the Mummy Commando. BABY HEAD – the Baby Commando. And, of course, the man himself, CAPTAIN COMMANDO – the greatest hero of all time.

Right Stuf is listing that the volume is being released on March 28, 2012. However, Amazon is listing that the volume is being released on April 10, 2012.

Source: ANN

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