J-Comi Starts an English Beta Site and iOS App

The J-Comi manga distribution site has announced it is starting an English and foreign-language beta version for select manga titles. This beta site is offering machine-generated translations of 18 manga titles in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Korean, as well as 30 other languages. The manga that are part of the beta site include: Belmondo Le VisiteuR (Volumes 1-3), Eb Star (Volume 1), Haruka Refrain (Volume 1), Home (Volumes 1-2), Houkago Wedding (Volume 1), Huwahura (Volume 1), Itsudatte My Santa (Volume 1), Jinsei ha Iroiro Da (Volume 1), Love Hina (Volumes 1-14), MAD STONE (Volumes 1-2), Madou Taiga (Volumes 1-4), OL Lunch (Volume 1), PLANET7 (Volumes 1-2), Player ha Nemurenai (Volume 1), Saisoku!! (Volumes 1-3), Salad Days (Volumes 1-18), Sora Miyo (Volume 1), and Wild Run (Volumes 1-2).

In addition, J-Comi also has the J Reader application, which is available as a free download in the iTunes store. Registered users of the J-Comi website can use J Reader to download exclusive PDF versions of J-Comi’s 149 manga series. J Reader offers both standard and “light” versions of the PDF files.

Source: ANN

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