Anime News Network is reporting that the new TokyopopManga Twitter account sent out a tweet saying that the company is “hoping that [it will] be able to release new manga very soon,” and that the company is “laying the groundwork for publishing new manga.” However, since the rights for the company’s previous releases had “reverted back to their Japanese publishers,” that Tokyopop would “have to work to get them back.” On the Twitter account, the company says its “ultimate goal is to start publishing manga again.” Currently, the plans are to release manga in both print and digital form. It was also tweeted that Tokyopop is “planning on starting with an old license.”

Tokyopop had shut down its North American manga publishing division in May 2011. In September 2011, Tokyopop went to Facebook to gauge interest in the release of more Hetalia manga volumes.

Source: ANN