Tears of a Lamb Volume Three is rated “T” for teens.

Tears of a Lamb Volume Three
Written by: Banri Hidaka
Publisher: Hakusensha
English Publisher: CMX
Release Date: August 5, 2008

Where the first two volumes focused a lot on developing the protagonists, this volume focuses more on providing development for some of the minor characters. In particular, more backstory is provided for Choko and Saito. However, there is one revelation that comes out about Kei in this volume, and it takes Kanzaki by surprise.

During this volume, Kei’s friend Rion, along with Rion’s brother, Aoto, appear a little more prominently than they did in Volume Two. Also, a new character is introduced right at the end of this volume. Kanzaki finally starts figuring out his feelings for Kei as this volume progresses. In addition, some pieces of the puzzle about Kei and her brother’s friend, Suwa, start falling into place. In fact, by the end of this volume, I found myself wanting to read the next volume to see if any more information will be revealed.

Hidaka’s character designs really haven’t changed much since Volume Two. However, I do have to note that the character design for Kimijima, especially the hair and face, make him look like a girl. In fact, I have to keep reminding myself that this character is male, not female. While Hidaka does use some of the typical manga tropes, they’re not nearly as overused as they were in Volume One. I also noticed during the course of reading this manga, that I was seeing lambs appearing in some of the panels. I honestly don’t remember seeing the lambs appearing in the previous two volumes.

In some respects, the story has developed as I expected, especially when it comes to Kanzaki and his feelings for Kei. However, I wasn’t expecting to see the backstory for Choko and Saito, and I definitely wasn’t expecting some of what I learned about Suwa during the course of reading this volume. I also wasn’t expecting the introduction of the new character at the end. I’m curious to see how this character’s introduction to the series adds to the story at such a point that I can sit down and read Volume Four.

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