Tears of a Lamb Volume 2 is rated “T” for teens.

Tears of a Lamb Volume Two
Written by: Banri Hidaka
Publisher: Hakusensha
English Publisher: CMX
Release Date: April 15, 2008

Where Volume One put a lot of emphasis on developing Kei’s backstory, the majority of Volume Two is devoted to Kanzaki. The main bulk of the story in this volume takes place at their school’s Summer Sports Day, where Kanzaki must try to overcome a fear of basketball that he had developed while he was in junior high. In addition, Kanzaki discovers that Kimijima, a boy who’s a year older than him and went to the same junior high as him, is now at this school. In fact, Kimijima is the vice president of the student council. After the Sports Day storyline, we, along with Kei, are introduced to Kanzaki’s older sisters, Ibara and Shizu. The object that Kei was looking for so fervently in the first volume is only referenced in about two or three scenes near the end of this volume.

While Hidaka’s character designs are still a little on the simplistic side, she seems to have a more concrete idea of how her characters should look. The character designs are more refined in Volume Two than they are in Volume One. Also, I noticed that Hidaka didn’t rely as much on the “stereotypical” manga conventions in this volume that I complained about in my review of Volume One.

By the end of this volume of Tears of a Lamb, there is definitely a setup to continue the development of Kei’s backstory in the next volume. Also, as a reader, it’s becoming more obvious in this volume that there’s a relationship developing between Kei and Kanzaki, although neither one of them seems to be willing to admit it quite yet. I was glad to see Kanzaki’s character development in this volume, because he has become more likable in this volume in comparison to how he was at the end of Volume One. Now I’m really looking forward to when I can get the opportunity to read the next volume of Tears of a Lamb to see where the story goes to next, and to see what new details and developments are revealed.

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