Nancy Thistlethwaite, an editor for VIZ Media, has clarified details concerning the company’s publication of Mayu Shinjo’s Ai Ore! manga. VIZ licensed the original run of Ai Ore!, which was originally serialized under the title Ai o Utau yori Ore ni Oborero!. The company has also licensed the follow-up series, Ai-Ore! Danshiko no Hime to Joshiko no Oji.

Thistlethwaite explained that VIZ is collecting both series under the Ai Ore! title. The first series is being collected in the first three volumes being released by VIZ, and the followup series is being released in the last five books. The first three book volumes contain around 300 pages each, while the last five books contain around 200 pages each.

Source: ANN