JManga, a platform for legally reading manga online, launched in the United States today (Wednesday, August 17, 2011).

According to the site’s FAQ, you are able to browse information on manga works, access bookselling sites, access publishing companies’ sites, preview manga, purchase and view digital comics, and access exclusive JManga project content (such as author interviews). It also states that the browsers that are supported by this service are Firefox 3.0+, Google Chrome 6.0+, and Safari 5.0+.

There are two levels of service currently available on the site: a free subscription and a $10 monthly plan. Currently, the subscription fee grants the user 1000 “points” a month, with a limited time kickoff bonus of an additional 500 points). These points can be redeemed to purchase chapters or volumes of manga. At this time, it is required that one be a paid member to buy more points or purchase manga. To purchase the $10 monthly plan, you need to register your credit card information with JManga. It should be noted that when you purchase chapters or volumes of manga on the site, they are not downloaded to your computer; you are paying for the right to read the manga online from JManga’s server.

According to Anime News Network, these were the only manga titles available for purchase when the site launched:

  • A Kiss on Tearful Cheeks (1)
  • ADEKAN (1)
  • Anesthesiologist Hana (1)
  • Cigarette Kisses (1)
  • Crayon Shin-Chan (1-11)
  • Crime and Punishment: A Falsified Romance (1)
  • Devil King (1)
  • Dingo (1)
  • Drifting Net Cafe (1)
  • Ekiben Hitoritabi (1)
  • Hitohira (1)
  • Joshi Kousei (1)
  • Kamakura Monogatari (1)
  • Kitty Hawker (1)
  • LOL Theater (1)
  • Madame Joker (1)
  • Manga Science (1)
  • Mori no Asagao (1)
  • My Sadistic Boyfriend (1)
  • Nagai Michi (1)
  • Nao Go Straight-Guide Dog Trainer- (1)
  • Ninja Papa (1)
  • NO COLOR (1)
  • Non-chan no Tenohira (1)
  • Odds GP! (1)
  • Oh my god! (1-2)
  • Otaku-Type Delusion Girl (1)
  • Pet on Duty (1)
  • Romeo/Romeo (1)
  • Sherlock Holmes (1)
  • Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru (1)
  • Survival: Another Story (1)
  • The Larceny Log of Zampei the Cloud Snatcher (1)
  • The Perfect Girlfriend (1)
  • The Town of Evening Calm, The Country of Cherry Blossoms (1)
  • To All The Corners of The World (1)
  • Tsugumomo (1)
  • Urameshiya (1)
  • When I’m With You (1)
  • WONDER! (1)
  • Young-kun (1)

Anime News Network is also reporting that JManga is planning to update the site’s catalog every Tuesday to increase it “to a few thousand titles within the next year and onto 10,000 by 2013.” The site is also reporting titles that are listed at the site, but are not currently available for purchase. For a full list of these titles, take a look at Anime News Network’s article about JManga’s launch

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