Manga Review: Inuyasha VIZBig Volume Five

The fifth volume of the Inuyasha VIZBig Edition combines volumes thirteen through fifteen of the Inuyasha manga into one volume. In addition to putting three volumes into one book, the physical size of the book has also increased; also, the pages were flipped back to their original orientation (the original English pressings of these volumes had the book flipped to read from left to right). The Inuyasha manga series was written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi, and Viz Media has the rights to distribute the manga in the United States. The English adaptation was done by Gerard Jones, and the translation was done by Mari Morimoto. This VIZBig Edition for Inuyasha was published in 2010. Inuyasha is rated “T+,” which means the series is being aimed at older teens.

Inuyasha VIZBig Edition Volume 5
Written by: Rumiko Takahashi
Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: November 9, 2010

This volume opens where the last volume ended, with Inuyasha, Miroku, and Kagome in a cave, and Inuyasha battling with a demon in the cave. In a surprising twist, Kikyo arrives on the scene and saves the group. Unfortunately, Naraku arrives and takes an unconscious Kikyo away with him. Meanwhile, Inuyasha, Miroku, and Inuyasha are caught in a trap set by Naraku that causes them to relive their worst nightmares; however, Kagome is not affected. When Kagome comes across Naraku and Kikyo, there are two attempts made on her life, and Kikyo takes the Shikon jewel shard away from her. Inuyasha manages to realize he’s in a trap and breaks free, and arrives just in time to save Kagome. Kikyo gives Naraku the shards she took from Kagome, but it appears Kikyo has some kind of ulterior motive.

Next, we are introduced to Totosai, who forged Inuyasha’s Tetsusaiga and Sesshomaru’s Tenseiga. Sesshomaru ordered Totosai to forge him a new sword, but Totosai runs off. He encounters Inuyasha, and tests him in the use of his blade. They are interrupted by the arrival of Sesshomaru, and a battle ensues between the half-brothers. During the battle, Totosai, Myoga, Inuyasha, and the others get away. However, Sesshomaru finds them, and the battle starts again. Inuyasha learns about the “scar of the wind,” and is successfully able to use it.

The next part of the story introduces two more characters: a young orphan girl named Rin and the Koga, the leader of the wolf pack. Rin discovers an injured Sesshomaru and tries to help him. He keeps refusing her help, but she keeps coming back. Koga and his wolves come to Rin’s village to claim a Shikon jewel fragment, and then the wolves kill the villagers. Rin tries to get away, but the wolves catch up to her and kill her. Sesshomaru, who has finally well enough to get up, smells her blood and finds her body. He uses his Tenseiga to bring Rin back to life. Inuyasha and his friends encounter the wolves and kill them. Koga finds them, and he battles with Inuyasha. During the battle, Koga discovers that Kagome can detect the Shikon jewel shards in his body.

The next time the group encounters Koga, he kidnaps Kagome and uses her to help him get a Shikon jewel fragment away from some demon birds. Koga also decides that Kagome will be his mate. Inuyasha and the others arrive during the conflict with the demon birds, and Kagome is rescued and returns to her group. At the end of the battle, Kagome shows compassion to an injured Koga, and this infuriates Inuyasha. Inuyasha and Kagome get into a fight, and she returns to the modern world. A short bit of the story takes place in the modern world before Kagome returns to feudal Japan and has a reconciliation of sorts with Inuyasha.

In the last bit of this volume, we are introduced to two of Naraku’s doppelgangers: Kagura and Kanna. Miroku also encounters a young girl named Koharu that he had met three years earlier when she was still a child; over the years, Koharu had developed a major crush on Miroku.

This volume of the Inuyasha VIZBIG edition introduces several new characters, most of whom will be important later in the series. The concept of the “scar of the wind” for Inuyasha’s Tetsusaiga is also introduced, and this element also becomes important as the series progresses. The introduction of Koga and his interest in Kagome adds another layer to Kagome and Inuyasha’s relationship. As for the art style, it’s what you have come to expect from Rumiko Takahashi by this point in the series. Some of the most effective artwork appears in the storyline about Rin. As a reader, you are convinced that she is a down-and-out orphan, and the way she is drawn elicits sympathy from the reader. Just like with the previous volumes, it should be noted that there are occasional drawings in the book that contain female nudity. Hence, the “T+” rating given for this manga volume.

I wrote this review of this Inuyasha manga volume after reading a copy of it that my husband and I purchased.

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