Digital Manga Guild Announcement at Anime Expo 2011

North American publisher Digital Manga Inc. announced during the company’s Anime Expo 2011 panel the first 23 titles that the company is planning to release under its Digital Manga Guild program:

  • Tired of Waiting for Love by author Saki Aida and artist Yugi Yamada
  • Rule of Standing on Tiptoe by Puku Okuyama
  • Again Tomorrow by Nabako Kamo
  • Second Night of a Thousand Nights by Keiko Kinoshita
  • You and Tonight by Keiko Kinoshita
  • Steadfast Candy Heart Love by Satomi Konno
  • Neck-Tie by Asahi Shima
  • I Love Love Too by Himeko Shindo
  • Only the Flower Knows by Rihito Takarai
  • My Sempai by Hebiko Habuyama
  • Courtesan Kings by Souya Himawari
  • The Reason Why He Loves Him So Much by Saori Mieno
  • The Faithful Dog Waits for Flowers by Mario Yamada
  • Chirp Chirp by Kotetsuko Yamamato
  • Mad Cinderella by Kotetsuko Yamamato
  • Blooming Darling by Kotetsuko Yamamato
  • Full Bloom by Rio and Saori Mieno
  • The Kneeling Butler by Ikue Ishida
  • The Song of Rainfall by Nawo Inoue
  • A Passion of Oranges by Ruis Maki
  • Interval by Kanami Itsuki
  • Dokidoki Crush by Kotetsuko Yamamato
  • Curve by Kahiro Kyouda

The Digital Manga Guild allows fans to translate, edit, and letter works legally with permission of the original Japanese copyright owners. Guild members are credited and paid royalties from online purchases, and the works have the potential to be published in print if they prove to be popular.

Source: ANN

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