ComicLoud Digital Manga Magazine Goes on Sale June 29, 2011

BookLOUD Inc. is releasing the June 2011 issue of the digital manga magazine, ComicLoud (Vol. 2, No. 6), worldwide on June 29, 2011. This digital manga magazine is available for the Amazon Kindle, Kindle DX and Android.

This issue of ComicLoud includes Takeshi Okamoto’s Quadrifoglio 2, Shintaro Kago’s Dementia 21, Ryu-Zin’s X-Hunter Ray, Taro Matsumoto’s Nobuna-Girl, Bang Ippongi’s It’s Bang Ippongi’s Diary of a Manga Artist, and Episode 3 of Haruki Fujimoto’s Kitsuman.

This issue of ComicLoud is available as a bilingual 187 page English & Japanese edition on the Kindle, and in monolingual 94 page English & Japanese editions. The price is US$6.99 (Kindle, which includes cost transmission), and JPY400 (Android).

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