Anime News Network is reporting that the book, CLAMP in America, a volume written by Shaenon K. Garrity that was supposed to cover the history of the manga creation team CLAMP, has been cancelled. Del Rey Manga had announced at Comic-Con International 2008 that the company would be releasing this retrospective book. Anime News Network is currently citing “a source involved with the project” for the information on the cancellation, and has not received any comment from several companies that they have tried to contact.

If this news is indeed true, then it’s a little disappointing. I would have been fascinated by a book such as this if it had been published and I had the opportunity to read it. I personally enjoy reading books about the creators of anime and manga, to learn about their history and to learn more about their works. Hopefully this book will have an opportunity to be published at some point in the future.

Source: ANN