Kodansha Comics to Publish the GTO and GTO: 14 Days in Shonan Manga Digitally

Kodansha Comics has announced that it will publish all 25 volumes of Tohru Fujisawa’s GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) manga series and all nine volumes of his GTO: 14 Days in Shonan manga digitally on February 1, 2022. The manga will be available on BookWalker, comiXology, Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play, NOOK, Kobo, izneo, MyAnimeList and other retailers. Preorders will go live on January 25, 2022.

Fujisawa launched GTO in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine in 1997, and Kodansha released 25 volumes through 2002. Tokyopop previously published GTO in North America.

The manga is described as:

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka is the story of Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old virgin and ex-biker. He’s crude, foul-mouthed, and has a quick temper. His goal: to be the Greatest High School Teacher in the world. Onizuka may think he’s the toughest guy on campus, but when he meets his class full of bullies, blackmailers and scheming sadists, he’ll have to prove it.

In 2009, Fujisawa returned to the character of Onizuka with Shonan 14 Days. GTO: Shonan 14 Days serves as the sequel to Fujisawa’s original GTO manga series.

The manga is described as:

GTO: 14 Days in Shonan is the sequel series taking place immediately after the events of the original series. After guiding the infamous Tokyo Kissho Academy through a crash-course of his unique brand of life-lessons, a battered and bruised Eikichi Onizuka takes a well-deserved trip to his hometown, a typically quiet surfers paradise called Shonan. Unfortunately, with child neglect and abuse becoming a global phenomenon the self-proclaimed GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) quickly finds himself back in the saddle for what he hopes is a painless two-week long field trip with some teens in need. And while Onizuka’s curriculum may not rely on the reading, writing and arithmetic that is common in most classrooms, he has more than a few good lessons in personal development, fisticuffs and fun to teach a new generation of troubled teens.

Source: ANN

Orange Gets a Special Edition Manga in Japan

This March 2022 issue of Futabasha’s Monthly Action magazine has published a special edition manga of Ichigo Takano’s Orange manga to commemorate the series’ 10-year anniversary. The manga is told from Hiroto Suwa’s perspective.

The story of the manga is described as:

Everyone has regrets in life. So who wouldn’t take the chance to change the past if given the opportunity? When sixteen-year-old Takamiya Naho receives a mysterious letter, claiming to be from her twenty-seven-year-old self, her life is suddenly thrown into flux. The letter tells her that a new transfer student by the name of Naruse Kakeru will be joining her class, and to keep her eye on him. But why? Naho must decide what to make of the letter and its cryptic warning, and what it means not only for her future, but for Kakeru’s as well.

Takano launched Orange in Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret magazine in 2012 and moved it to Monthly Action in 2013. The manga ended in August 2015. Crunchyroll released the manga in English digitally. Seven Seas Entertainment published the original manga in North America as two omnibus volumes.

Source: ANN

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2: Episode 3 – “Two Brothers”

Wow! This episode was intense!

The first half of the episode focuses a lot on the fighting, and we see both Zeke and Eren’s Titans take a beating. But things really take a turn when Colt, Falco, and Gabi come running up to Zeke, and Colt beginning Zeke not to scream until Falco can get away (since he had accidentally ingested some of the wine with Zeke’s spinal fluid in it). While Zeke sympathizes with Colt, Zeke still screams anyway… and suddenly, Titans are popping up all over. But seeing Falco turn into a Titan in front of Gabi and going after Reiner’s Titan was the part that really grabbed me when characters were turning into Titans.

The body count gets high in the first half of the episode. Both unnamed characters and characters that the audience has come to know are among those numbers. And to go along with the body count, the animators made sure to highlight the blood and gore. While I did see the occasional still shots or camera panning over a shot to mimic the appearance of movement, what stood out to me was the blood and gore. The animators really wanted to emphasize the brutality and the chaos of the action.

But then, something shocking happens right before the commercial break. Gabi gets a hold of a gun and shoots at Eren, and her accuracy with her shot creates a shocking moment to end the first half of the episode. Since I haven’t read this part of the manga, I had no idea that this scene was coming. Let’s just say that it threw me for a loop.

At the beginning of the second half, it retreads a little bit of what we saw leading up to the shocking scene, but everything is done in slow motion. I thought this was effective, and made sense to do in order to lead up to the next scene.

We see Eren standing in the sandy area where the Founder Ymir resides. Zeke is next to him, sitting on the ground in chains. Through Zeke, we learn that Eren passed away but that they managed to make contact with each other before his passing. Apparently, Zeke has been waiting a while for Eren to arrive in this location. At this point, Eren proves that Armin’s faith in him wasn’t misplaced, because Eren only pretended to believe in Zeke’s plan in order to make it to this point. But just when the tables seem to have turned in Eren’s favor, the Founder Ymir passes him by and goes to Zeke. It turns out Zeke learned some things while waiting for Eren, and that the Founder Ymir believes she serves those with royal blood. With what Zeke reveals, the tide turns back in his favor. The episode ends with Eren and Zeke butting heads.

The preview shows that the two of them will be seeing each other’s memories, and also seems to insinuate that the two will learn things. With the next episode title being, “Memories of the Future,” I suspect it’s going to focus entirely on this plot point.

But, wow! As I said at the beginning, this episode was intense. There were times that it seemed like the story would be close to ending, but I knew that the story can’t end here since we’re only three episodes into this season. I’m curious to see how the story is going to be able to progress past this point and how the story will ultimately come to its end.

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Full Music Video Released for “Infocus,” the Ending Theme of the Tribe Nine Anime by Void_Chords featuring LIO

Ryō Takahashi (Void_Chords) is an up-and-coming musician who is also known as the producer of One III Notes and who recently wrote and composed the background music and insert songs of the anime film Sing a Bit of Harmony, which was released on October 29, 2021. He has now released a full-size music video for “Infocus,” the ending theme of the Tribe Nine anime.

The title track “Infocus,” which reflects the world of the anime, was produced by LIO, who participated in FLARE as a guest vocalist. The song has a stylish sound design, and the all-English lyrics express the feelings evoked by the hustle and bustle and silence of a large city, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the musicality of Void_Chords.

Full music video – Infocus – Void_Chords feat. LIO

In addition, Lantis has launched a campaign to collect cover videos of “Infocus” on YouTube. These videos will be added to a playlist on Void_Chords’ channel. In order to make it easier for people to submit cover videos, the campaign website offers free downloads of the instrumental recordings. Regardless of whether you try playing it or singing it, the goal of the campaign is to share “Infocus” with the whole world.

“Infocus” cover video page

Release information
Void_Chords feat. LIO
Tribe Nine ED theme “Infocus”

Product no.: LACM-24235
Price: ¥1,430 (inc. tax)
Release date: February 2, 2022
Label: Lantis

1. Infocus
3. Infocus (Instrumental)
4. VALIDATION (Instrumental)


Title song “Infocus” available now

Ryō Takahashi (born November 1, 1985) is a Japanese musician, composer, arranger, music producer, and DJ. He is the former bassist of Little GARDEN Little MOON and the producer of ONE III NOTES. He is a member of the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers and the Japan Composers and Arrangers Association. As a solo artist, he performs under the name Void_Chords.

He was born in Mie Prefecture. Influenced by his father, a jazz drummer, he began learning various instruments at a young age. After doing a guitar recording in high school, he decided to aim for a professional music career. Dropping out of music college, he began releasing music with his own band, Little GARDEN Little MOON, through Stardust Music Publishing. At the same time, he began participating in various other sessions as a bassist and working as a composer and arranger. As a creator, he has released a large number of pop songs and contributed to the soundtracks of numerous anime, games, and other works.

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Tribe Nine official website: https://tribenine.tokyo/anime/
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MangaPlaza to Launch a Pre-Registration Campaign in Anticipation of Its Upcoming Service Launch in the United States

NTT Solmare Corp launched a series of exclusive pre-registration bonuses on the official MangaPlaza trial page (https://cpn.mangaplaza.com) ahead of the official service launch in March 2022. These bonuses range from a variety of products and promotions including: the exclusive world premiere of the English version of Obey Me! The Comic, based on the popular romance simulation mobile game, Obey Me!, collaboration campaigns with a fan-favorite website and popular influencer Akidearest who has nearly three million subscribers on YouTube, and a cashback campaign of up to a month’s subscription on MangaPlaza. The pre-registration campaign runs now until February 28, 2022. On the trial page, fans can also initially access up to 72 hit manga titles (236 chapters) for free. Each manga title has a different availability period during the campaign.

In December of 2021, NTT Solmare announced its plans to launch MangaPlaza, a digital manga store offering U.S. manga fans access to the largest digital content library from a broad range of Japanese publishers including major ones such as Kodansha and original titles without previous English releases. MangaPlaza’s storefront offers an extensive list of titles covering a variety of genres such as shonen, shojo, seinen, josei, boys’ love, and teens’ love.

MangaPlaza’s concept is based on its goals to serve both the manga industry and the global fan community. By offering overseas fans access to content that is localized, tailored, and reasonably priced, MangaPlaza aims to provide access to a broader range of officially licensed digital titles and ultimately contributing to the industry-wide efforts in stopping the circulation of pirated content.

Users are offered the ability to access their favorite titles at their desired pace of reading through MangaPlaza’s new service. For a monthly fee, users are offered unlimited access to around 10,000 chapters or they can purchase them individually without a subscription for a nominal fee and most available titles in the library offer one chapter for free.

Your Manga Journey Starts Online:

MangaPlaza Trial Page/Pre-Registration Campaign Page: https://cpn.mangaplaza.com
MangaPlaza YouTube Channel: https://www.YouTube.com/channel/UCJ5xENkfAgO2dOIf6Hi-Iew
Twitter (@MangaPlaza_EN): https://twitter.com/MangaPlaza_EN
Facebook (@MangaPlaza): https://www.Facebook.com/MangaPlaza
Instagram (@mangaplaza_en): https://www.instagram.com/mangaplaza_en/
NTT Solmare Corp: https://www.nttsolmare.com/e/
Comic C’moA: https://www.cmoa.jp/
Obey Me!: https://shallwedate.jp/obeyme/en/

Netflix to Add Two One Piece Anime Films

Netflix has announced that it will add the One Piece: Episode of Chopper: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Sakura and One Piece: Episode of Alabasta anime films, and lists them as “coming soon.”

One Piece: Episode of Alabasta (One Piece: The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventure in Alabasta) is the eighth film in the One Piece anime franchise and it premiered in Japan in March 2007. The film is a retelling of the Alabasta Arc from the One Piece anime series.

One Piece: Episode of Chopper: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Sakura (One Piece: Episode of Chopper – The Miracle Winter Cherry Blossom) is the ninth film in the One Piece anime franchise and it premiered in Japan in March 2008. The film is an alternate retelling of the TV anime’s Winter Island/Drum Kingdom arc.

Source: ANN

The 49th Annie Awards Cancels Its Physical Event and Moves to a Virtual Event on March 12, 2022

The International Animated Film Society, ASIFA-Hollywood, has announced that it is canceling the physical event for its 49th Annual Annie Awards and is instead hosting a virtual event that will livestream on March 12, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. EST. The ASIFA-Hollywood website will stream an archive of the complete recording on March 13, 2022. The ceremony was scheduled to take place on February 26, 2022 at UCLA’s Royce Hall.

The 49th Annual Annie Awards has nominated Mamoru Hosoda’s Belle, Ayumu Watanabe’s Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko, Takayuki Hirao’s Pompo: The Cinéphile, and Patrick Imbert’s The Summit of the Gods for the “Best Indie Feature” category.

Hosoda’s Belle is also nominated for the “Best Direction – Feature,” “Best FX – Feature,” “Best Production Design – Feature,” and “Best Writing – Feature” categories.

Youki Kojima and Yuta Bando’s music for the Poupelle of Chimney Town anime film is nominated for the “Best Music – Feature” category.

The Annie Awards recognize outstanding achievement in animation.

Source: ANN

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Episode 40 – “The Three Princesses Escape”

The episode opens with the scene of Kirinmaru explaining what he’s doing and his connection to Osamu Kirin before shifting to the opening credits.

After the credits, Inuyasha, Kagome, Moroha, Towa, and Setsuna go to the stomach of the Great Dog Demon so Towa can summon Tenseiga. As she calls out to it, Sesshomaru is facing off against Kirinmaru. He’s about to draw a sword, hesitates and senses something, and pulls out Tenseiga. Of course, Kirinmaru is insulted and scoffs because Tenseiga is a sword of healing. But as Towa summons it, it goes up into the sky. This, combined with the power of Inuyasha’s Tetsusaiga, creates the power of the Great Dog Demon and sends Kirinmaru flying. Unfortunately, Sesshomaru’s haku is still disappearing, so Rin and Jaken taken him into the Tree of Ages.

Inside the Black Pearl, the Tenseiga materializes into the location where Inuyasha and the others are, but Towa is unable to draw it. After watching her do this for a while, Setsuna finally mentions that Towa should try pouring her demon energy into the sword as she works at pulling it out. As she’s pouring her demon energy into it, we see Towa’s hair turning white. When Setsuna sees this and realizes how much Towa had to struggle in order to bring her back to life, she jumps in and starts pouring her demon energy into the sword to help. Moroha, not wanting to stand around and do nothing, joins in. It turns into a “power of friendship” moment, because with all three of the girls pouring their demon energy into Tenseiga, Towa is able to pull it out. After this is accomplished, the group starts heading toward the gate that will lead them out of the pearl.

Meanwhile, Shippo and Takechiyo, who were sent flying in the previous episode, end up landing in the village of the demon slayers. Shippo comments that he must have been thinking about it as they were flying. Shippo has a reunion with Sango and her daughters, and Takechiyo reveals that Inuyasha and Kagome are trapped in the black pearl. Upon hearing this, Sango realizes it’s time to use a new weapon that she has worked on: the Black Hiraikotsu. She also says she will summon Miroku, while she sends her daughters to find Kohaku and Hisui. Shippo and Takechiyo head to the location where Inuyasha and the others will come out of the gate. I’m curious to learn more about this Black Hiraikotsu and how it’ll end up being used in this series.

After Inuyasha and the others make it through the gate, Tenseiga starts moving on its own after Towa grabs on to it. The group realizes that something must have happened to Sesshomaru. Luckily, they run into Shippo and Takechiyo, and they ask for Shippo’s assistance to get to the Bone Eater’s Well. Poor Shippo isn’t sure if he can transport that many people, but he tries anyway. It’s rough on him, but they make it. I know Takechiyo may not be able to move very fast, but it was still kind of frustrating to see that he’s the one who’s begging the most earnestly out of the group.

Near the end of episode, Towa and Setsuna make it to the Tree of Ages and have a reunion with Rin. But the reunion is short-lived when Jaken points out that Sesshomaru is dying and that Towa needs to use Zanseiken to absorb the demon energy that’s surrounding Sesshomaru. As she does, she discovers that the energy is draining her physical power. Although Sesshomaru tells her to stop because she’ll die if she doesn’t, Towa continues on anyway. Right at first, everything seems to be OK when she’s done, but then she collapses. This is where the episode ends.

With what happens in this episode, as well as the reference to the Black Hiraikotsu, it’s becoming clear that the series is heading toward its climax. The preview for the next episode reinforces this idea, and from the shots we see in it, it looks some of it will be taking place in modern day Japan. And it also looks like Towa and her fate will also be an important part of the episode.

At this point, after initially coming into this portion of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon with very lowered expectations, I have truly become invested in this story. I still wish the first 13 episodes had been a stronger foundation for this story, though. Unfortunately, between the pacing and some of the decisions made by the writers during those 13 episodes, they were a bit of a sloppy mess. While the episodes that have aired over the past three months or so have helped to redeem the series, it still doesn’t entirely make up for the fact that the initial setup for this story was nowhere near as strong as it could have been.

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RetroCrush Is Streaming the Magnetic Rose Portion of the Memories Anime Film

The Fandom Post is reporting that RetroCrush is now streaming the “Magnetic Rose” portion of the Memories anthology anime film.

Memories is described as:

Created by celebrated anime master Katsuhiro Otomo, Memories consists of three dazzling stories, each delivered with its own astonishing style.

Magnetic Rose is based on a manga short by Otomo. It focuses on two space travelers following a distress signal who are drawn into a magnificent world created by one woman’s memories. It is directed by Koji Morimoto.

Source: The Fandom Post

Setsucon Returns on January 28-30, 2022

Setsucon will be returning next weekend at the Blair County Convention Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Prices for the badges at the door will be $40 for a weekend badge, $30 for a Saturday only badge, and $20 for a Sunday only badge.

Setsucon, run by the students and alumni of the Penn State Anime Organization, has been bringing Japanese culture, such as anime, manga, and cosplay, to the Central Pennsylvania area for nearly 15 years. Setsucon wants to bring a safe and inclusive environment for anime and manga fans of all ages, as well as beyond.

This year, Setsucon will have many events and activities taking place during the convention. The first ever Charity Gaming Tournament for Setsucon will be taking place, and all proceeds will be going towards the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Alongside the tournament, Setsucon will hold four concerts for those attending at no additional cost. These musical acts include Awesomus Prime, Heroes 4 Hire, Otaku ON-GAKU, and ThaGATAnegrra.

Outside of those guests, plenty of other great guests will be attending Setsucon. Those guests include; voice actors such as Brittany Lauda and Matt Shipman, dance perform group: Antipode, tabletop gaming guest Charles Dunbar, musical performers including DJ Kyon, Gr3ys0n, and n00neimp0rtant, convention emcee Silver Sheep, and cosplay judges Corwynte, Riyuski, Zadra, Minomotu, and Risuruuu.

There are several other activities that attendees can partake in, such as the Itasha Car Show presented by Livery By Design, the Pixel Pop Maid Café, the Hall Cosplay and Cosplay Masquerade for those wanting to show off their cosplay, the Setsu Odori dance with amazing DJs there, our own AMV contest, as well as playing tabletop RPGs with others.